About Us


For a long time, the Finnish wooden house has been considered to be the symbol of the highest quality, and to embody a long-established tradition in the construction of wooden houses. And Finnish prefabricated houses truly are cozy, beautiful and well thought through down to the tiniest details. A Rovaniemi wooden house is produced by one of the leading Finnish producers.

Rovaniemi is a supplier of authentic wooden homes from Lapland. A few of the many advantages of Rovaniemi are the usage of unique technological materials, the professionalism of the specialists, and an individual approach to each customer.

In the construction of its houses, Rovaniemi uses both traditional materials, such as chinking squared logs, round logs and highly advanced glued laminated squared logs and laminated round logs. The company also uses materials which rarely appear on the Russian market but that are already popular in Europe. These are the dry ‘dead standing’ KELO pine and the Golden pine.

Rovaniemi has a large collection of beautiful and functional houses, which enable customers to save time and choose a suitable house design with all their desired requirements. Along with model wooden houses, Rovaniemi offers services in individual house design, in which the company tries to satisfy the most refined tastes, and helps the client to bring to fruition the most ambitious projects and ideas of the future owners.

Over the many years in which it has operated on the market, the company has gained a lot of expertise in the field of individualized property and cottage construction, and has earned its status as of one of the leaders in wooden log house building. A lot of Rovaniemi’s projects have been granted prestigious awards. Recently, for example, the deluxe countryside club Korabelniye Sosni received first prize in the annual competition ‘The Best Cottage Village in St. Petersburg’ in The Best Finished Project category. But one of the most important ‘awards’ for the company is a succession of satisfied customers, the owners of high quality wooden houses from Rovaniemi.

Rovaniemi has an excellent team of professionals whose skills and experience guarantee successful and efficient work at all stages of collaboration with the client. Rovaniemi has many advantages over other companies, such as extensive experience in house construction, regular contact with the client at all stages of the process, the possibility of an optional supply range, and tight production time lines.