The Assembly of a Wooden House
Guarantee and House Development

Guarantee and House Development

Rovaniemi undertakes guaranteed obligations to its clients.

The company is a guarantor of high quality not only of the materials supplied but also of all the building and construction work. Rovaniemi specialists control, in strict order, all the compliances for each construction stage, taking into account all the technical specifications and the equipment of engineering systems, in order to exclude any possible risks during all stages of working with the client.

Apart from delivering our services as a construction company, we are also ready to take upon ourselves the house development, both during and after the period of guarantee, including the monitoring of the technical conditions of your house and its engineering systems. We try to ensure the most comfortable living conditions and therefore our clients may be assured that any questions that occur during our period of collaboration will be solved both efficiently and promptly.

Rovaniemi’s Expertise

Rovaniemi’s Expertise

Roveniemi has extensive experience in the construction of country houses and individual homes. Experienced specialists will be consulted in the assembly of a house at the request of the customer.

House assembly can be undertaken by the Rovaniemi team. It is also possible to obtain consultation on the self-assembly of a Rovaniemi  house. These services are employed alongside delivery to regions where there are no branches of Rovaniemi. Our specialists understand all the nuances of the assembly process and are available for consultation about the following issues:  the assembly of log houses, the assembly of houses from squared logs, the assembly of laminated squared log houses and features special to them, and the assembly of round log houses in various different climatic conditions.  

We have extensive knowledge in all stages of building houses, right from the design stage through production to the assembly of the house on the purchaser’s plot of land. Therefore, a client who orders a house from us will know exactly when they will receive the housing blocks and, more importantly, when they will become the owner of their dream home. A well thought out and planned assembly procedure allows for us to guarantee a clear cut schedule in the construction of a house.

A House on a Tight Schedule

A House on a Tight Schedule

Rovaniemi has the capacity to provide  a high standard of service on the tightest of schedules as a result of its well managed and automated system of house assembly.

The components of the house are produced on special high-precision equipment in Finland with latest contemporary appliances available to modern technology. As result of this, all the materials are of clear and exact geometric form, have perfect lines and are of the right sizes. Therefore the assembly of the house is easy to put into practice and is not time consuming. A house kit is rather similar to a Lego construction kit, in which the different parts of the house don’t require extra work in order to fit together perfectly. In fact, a house can be assembled in just a few days.

Despite the fact that there is a well managed system to the assembly of a house, this does not mean that our houses all look the same. There is a modular house which has been constructed many times, but when it is placed in different landscapes for different customers, even though the same material is used it can still look very different from previous versions of the house.

A Team of Professionals

A Team of Professionals

The construction of a Rovaniemi house is implemented by a team of professionals that are able to solve any problems that may arise during the building process.

The assembly of a wooden house is one of the most important stages in house construction that contains many nuances, such as natural shrinkage of the log building. In order for the work to be done correctly and on time, one needs to know the whole sequence of operations and actions, as well as the specific reactions of materials to different climatic conditions. House construction using squared logs involves different assembly techniques to house construction made from dry KELO pine or Golden pine. Professionals know all the different techniques. Normally the team consists of about 5 or 6 people, each assembly worker having their own special tasks to fulfill.

Correct assembly not only guarantees that the house will look beautiful but will also ensure its durability. By letting the professionals to do their job, the client can ensure that their house will be enjoyed for many generations.

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