Transportation with Care

Transportation with Care

Rovaniemi’s extensive experience guarantees the safe delivery at all stages of transportation.

For more than 15 years, Rovaniemi has successfully supplied prefabricated houses to its customers’ plots of land throughout Russia. Rovaniemi has formulated several guiding principles for the delivery of its products, upon which the company carries out its supply process:

  • Carefully selected techniques that guarantee the safety of delivery;
  • the provision of a service that accords to the very highest standards, and;
  • a well organized procedure for the dispatch and arrival of freight.

The customers can rest assured that their houses will be transported all the way from Lapland without being repackaged. Special Rovaniemi packaging also gives added protection. The company specialists then carefully assemble the prefabricated house of any type and complexity of design whether it is made of round logs, laminated timber or any other Rovaniemi materials.

A Rovaniemi House – Delivered Anywhere

A Rovaniemi House – Delivered Anywhere

Rovaniemi’s prefabricated houses are delivered anywhere.

We are ready to deliver your house anywhere at the shortest notice. Rovaniemi has undertaken projects in many areas of Russia from the Leningrad region to the Far East. Customers are able to obtain full information on the transportation of their house since we track all our products throughout the whole process.

The company employs two main methods of delivery methods, road transportation by use of long vehicles, and transportation by rail.

Rail transportation is mainly used for delivery to regions of the Russian Federation such as Yakutia, the Far East and Kamchatka where transportation by road is difficult due to road conditions. The freight is delivered in railway containers.

Efficient Logistics

Efficient Logistics

Efficient logistics allow for the minimization of losses in the supply of goods from Finland.

During the long period in which the company has existed, Rovaniemi has honed its own system of logistics and has also teamed up with leading logistics companies in order to minimize losses during cargo transportation from Finland.

The company has obtained widespread experience in the delivery and transportation of wooden houses and the provision of all the necessary customs operations on the Finnish border. The company also only partners companies that have reliable reputations as professional business partners. This professional approach, good organization, high standards required of the transportation company, as well as a careful attitude towards the cargo are ey factors playing a significant role in the safe and punctual delivery of houses to customers. The construction of manufactured houses is undertaken on request by the company’s team.

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