Green Gold of Lapland
Caring for the Forest

Caring for the Forest

The ‘Green Gold’ of Lapland, unlike many other natural resources, is replaceable. The caring attitude of people towards forests is a key factor in its well being and flowering.

It is not by chance that Lapps call their forest ‘green gold’. Finnish pine is valued almost like gold due to its unique qualities as a construction material. People therefore have a special attitude towards the forest. Careless tree felling is forbidden, and for each tree felled a new one has to be planted by the owner.

On their own initiative, individual owners group together into associations, and, through them, they manage the replacement of trees that have been felled. One of the aspects of the activity of such associations is combined forestry management. The owners hire professional forest specialists who look after the well being of the forest. Finnish wooden houses are reckoned to be the best and, of these, those of Lapland are considered to the crème de la crème. Blocks of authentic Rovaniemi wooden houses, manufactured from the unique Lapland Pine according to the highest European standards, are produced and are then transported to every city in Russia.

The Uniqueness of Lapland Forests

The Uniqueness of Lapland Forests

Lapland Pine has high timber density and is resistant to severe environmental conditions.

Lapland pine forests are unique due to the climatic conditions in which they grow. In the low Polar temperatures, all the processes of life are considerably slowed down. At this latitude, winter lasts for 6 months. The beautiful pines grow very slowly and therefore the wood has a very high density structure and develops a resistance to a hostile environment. As a result of the slow rate of growth, they look much smaller than trees of the same type grown in a more southerly latitude.

The growth of a tree can be compared to a human life. In much the same way as a human being, a tree has its ‘child’, ‘adult’ and ‘elderly’ stages. In Lapland, a tree is classified as an ‘adult’ when it is a hundred years old.

Lapland pines and Christmas trees are valued around the world, and many people specifically select these types of tree as their building material of choice.

Green Gold of Lapland

Green Gold of Lapland

For many kilometres, the Finnish Polar region is covered in thick forest, the most part of which is pine forest. Laplanders proudly call it ‘green gold’.

Three quarters of Finland is covered by in forest, a special place in Finnish folklore. It is adored, valued and respected. Such an attitude has been passed on from one generation to the next, and modern Finns are still passionate about it in the same way. Over many centuries, the forest has played a pivotal role in the development of the Finnish economy. Finns themselves like to joke that they come from the forest. And, in the 21st century, they still like to spend a lot of time out in nature. Environmental issues are the most significant subject for debate in Finnish society.

In winter, the Finnish forest looks magical. Christmas trees covered in snowflakes and the rays of the sun reflecting light on the branches of trees ... In such a magical atmosphere one is likely to forget about everything else … And the clean environment makes it much easier to breathe in these forests. And the reigning silence brings one to peace with oneself. It is not a surprise that many Russian people choose Finland, and especially Lapland, as a holiday destination, and as a place to spend New Year’s Eve.

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Green Gold of Lapland
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