A house from laminated squared logs is the most modern type of wooden house. It stands no comparison to any other sort of log house in terms of heat insulation, draughtiness and the tight fitting of corner beams.


Houses made of round logs are valued by lovers of classical wooden houses, since they are pleasing to eye and look typically Russian.


One of the most well-known and used building materials is the chinked log, a natural, living material.


It is not only the squared log that can be laminated. TM Rovaniemi presents its newest material – the laminated round log. It is the latest trend in the wooden house building industry.


Golden pine is a special type of timber. It got its name from the warm golden colour that the timber possesses after the trunk has been processed.


Rovaniemi has introduced a totally new and exclusive material onto the Russian market – dried ‘dead standing’ pine KELO from Lapland. In Europe, dried ‘dead standing’ pine has been very popular in recent years amongst the more well-off people who are looking for non-standard solutions.