Kelo is a special pine. This tree comes exclusively from Lapland, where it grows very slowly due to the very low temperatures. Due to the severe climatic conditions in which it grows and its slow rate of growth, KELO possesses a high level of timber density and is highly resistant to environment influences. When pine reaches a certain age, the needles and branches fall off and the root system stops receiving the necessary nutrition. Finally, the tree dries out. If the pine remains standing vertically then, during the decades and centuries, irreversible changes take place and the tree dries out in a ‘dead standing’ position.

Before the tree can be used for building, specialists have to watch it over a long period in its place of growth. After a positive evaluation, the dried ‘dead standing’ pine is ‘pulled’ very carefully from the earth along with its roots to ensure that no damage is done to the thickest part of the trunk or to neighbouring trees. It is then transported out of the forest on special machines. It is interesting that for ‘pulling’ pines, helicopters are sometimes even used, due to the fact that Kelo very often grows in highly inaccessible areas.

The advantages and special features of dried ‘dead standing’ Kelo:

  • Experienced specialists study carefully the trunks of each tree and select individually the ones which are fully compliant with all the necessary requirements;
  • Dried pine undergoes no manufacturing processing and therefore Kelo preserves all its natural attributes;
  • Minimal moisture content of timber;
  • Ecologically friendly;
  • Lack of shrinking;
  • Preservation of the unchanged appearance of the log;
  • A fine silver colour, an original texture, a strong fragrance of pine from the walls, which require no additional decoration. The soft colour of the pine is peaceful and calming;
  • Projects from dried pine are exclusive and created from individual designs. It allows for the creation of perfect comfort inside the constructed premises, and satisfies the client’s aesthetic expectations;
  • In both winter and summer, there is an optimal climate in a Kelo house, including a perfectly comfortable temperature and a particular aesthetic atmosphere.

With all its advantages, Kelo allows the imagination of architects to flower, and bring to life the most ambitious and interesting projects.

For building purposes, Kelo of different diameters, between 200 and 380 mm, can be used dependant on the project and the personal preferences of the client.