Technology and Production
Unique Processing

Unique Processing

The production technology for wooden houses contains numerous subtleties and nuances. Houses from Finland are considered to be the most reliable and of the best quality.

The manufacture of wooden houses with special technological processing allows for the increase of the warmth of the insulation of Rovaniemi walling materials. Rovaniemi uses the latest modern techniques in making corner intersections with special log locks. The lock has an effective semi-curved profile with two extra butts and passes. It increases the contact area between logs and gives very tidy appearance. Such corner interlaced connections prevent the house from any scavenging or the possible freezing at the corners, and gives the possibility of maintaining the levels of warmth inside the house. They also do not lose their qualities after shrinkage. 

It seems that the main task in the production of houses is to preserve the beauty of the material and give the right form to the product. But before any carpenter touches the wood, in order to give the right quality to the finish, a whole team of specialists is at work to design the technology for the production of wooden houses. The wooden houses of Rovaniemi are the very best houses from Finland.  

Full Compliance with Quality Standards

Full Compliance with Quality Standards

The manufacture of a wooden house assumes the prior processing of materials with highly technological modern equipment under strict regulations and in compliance with all international quality standards.

The full cycle of timber processing is carried out on the latest modern equipment in Rovaniemi’s factory in Finland.  

Rovaniemi’s Finnish wooden houses undergo the strictest quality control. The newest precision equipment, highly qualified personnel, the introduction of new technologies, alongside an accumulation of worldwide experience in the processing of timber provide everything that is needed to produce products of the highest quality, in compliance with international standards of quality.

Drying and Processing

Drying and Processing

The Finnish method of house manufacture consists not only in the use of first class materials but also a unique technological process of drying and processing timber. As a result, a house built from such material is extra resistant to climatic influence and has a long life.

Wooden houses from Finland are not only well built and durable but also pleasant on the eye and ecologically friendly. Nevertheless, some clients are apprehensive about using wood as a building material due to it is high level of flammability and tendency to natural shrinkage. Rovaniemi uses a safe anti-flammable protective liquid to coat the wood. It increases the fire safety of timber and, even in the case of fire, the wood does not burst into flames but only festers, and there is therefore time to take action against fire spreading further. As for timber shrinkage, it is a normal and natural process in wooden buildings. As a material, wood is ‘alive’ and it shrinks during the process of drying. A unique technological processing allows for the possibility of reaching the optimal moisture content, at which the natural qualities of the wood are preserved. By the time the house construction has been completed, it is almost ready for living, and does not require any extra time for settling. Special mechanisms are used to control the level of shrinkage.

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